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How to buy or order a picture?

Orders / consulting:

Cell phone: (+371) 27073330 (eng,rus)


Paintings are presented in our office-gallery. Please arrainge your visit by phone first.

If the painting you chose is sold already or can not be sold, you have an opportunity to order the similar by the artist. It will be noot a copy, but free improvisation on a theme, because in the in the technician of volume painting and spontaneous dab copying is impossible.


There is a new possibility - to order the POSTER of a picture printed on the top-quality natural canvas and the equipment of new generation, recently brought to Latvia. The poster can be ordered in the size of the original, either the reduced or increased copy. In Gallery the prices for the original format tense on a stretcher are specified. For transportation it is more convenient to have canvas in a roll (the big formats).
Sending of pictures / posters by express mail in other regions on an advance payment transfer into the bank account is possible.