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Svetlana Artemova

About myself

What is the manner I use in painting? I would like to call it intuitivism. However it would not be a new word in arts, it is the expression of my internal „me”, my feelings, emotions, mood, reflection of my attitude. My paintings are “me” on the intuitional level. Herefrom originates my love to spontaneous and unpredictable touches, colour choice by intuition and mood, improvised mixing of paints on the canvas itself and painting with the tips of fingers right on canvas. What else can explain this intention for painting on fingertips?

Svetlana Artemova

The Art of Painting Senses

Svetlana Artemova was born in 1971 in the localities near Moscow in a family of teachers. Her mother taught visual arts and practiced decorating work. And from the very birth the atmosphere of creativity became a natural and essential part of her life and existence. 


 From 1984 Svetlana lived in Latvia, then in Germany and again back to Russia.  She obtained her principle degree in journalism with specialization in arts, and worked in this area as a copy editor, art director and  chief editor in glossy magazines.The immersion into polygraph design let her master a new specialty and returns to the environment of creativity.


 In 2006 Svetlana returned to Riga again and created her own studio of painting art for adults and children. The studio organizes annual exibitions of student's works, where a dosen new works of Svetlana are presented also.


 Svetlana tryes to portrait the brevity of life: sunrise and sunset, sky with bizarre and unique clouds, miraculous in their beauty flowers and those short moments of happiness, which, if failed to be caught shall pass without a trace... Spectators are given the sense of external space and internal freedom in her works.

 Many works of the artist have already found their new habitat in the private collections in Russia, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, Switzeland, Israel and the Baltic States. However, it is safe to say that in her paintings there is enough light, warmth and delighted peace for everyone.